Swami Samartha ~ A 'purana' avatar of Dattatreya samhitha Anagha Devi.

The Primordial Master Dattatreya manifested with His complete potencies in different names as per the need of Time.
He answers even today, when called with love. He is the embodiment of boundless compassion and love; HE can be reached only through pure love.

Offer a morsel of food unto Him with love, mentally every day. A simple means to reach out to Him! Be drenched in His boundless waves of endless love! He represents all 33 crore forms of Divinity. Calling His Name equates to calling the Source Energy. He is the formless Light; Himself, Shiva and Shakthi.

Divyāmbarāyai cha Digambarāya,
Samarthishvaraya Nama Shivāya

Adorned with the Divine ornament of Compassion; She is Shakthi! Wearing the directionless skies as His robe, He embodies pristine purity. Swami Samartha is Shakthi and Shiva, representing the Ardhanarisvara Tatva!

Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan