His manifestation in the Name of 'Samaratha Swami' at 'Pragnyapuram' has a deeper profound meaning. In Samskritham, the root syllables 'pra' and 'gnya(na)' means, that which leads to 'gnyana' or wisdom. Wisdom is nothing but the highest state of human awareness, 'tat tvam asi' (You are That).

Swami Samartha brought home the lesson of 'Advaitha', 'Oneness' in a casual manner, thus imparting to His devotees the highest Spiritual Wisdom. That itself is the purpose of His avathar.

HE made His devotees walk the path of 'bhakthi'; led them to 'dhyana', 'yoga' (bhakthi yoga : union with the Divine through devotion) and led them to Sat Chit Ananda.

It is recorded as Maharaj had once stated, that even if it is 'amrith' (nectar), it yielded good only when shared with all present. Thus, Maharaj suggested to His devotees, to see the Supreme intrinsic in all manifest beings. He spoke to them sternly; but was an embodiment of Compassion; His boundless love was very much visible behind those stern words.
Swami Samartha Maharaj's ways:

Maharaj clearly stated that He wasn't pleased with any fanfare; or show off. He Himself revealed this, by cladding Himself in a simple piece of cloth. Just before leaving His phsyical body, He asked, "What do I have, nothing. Even this codpiece is not Mine to own. I have to discard this too, before I leave." Thus He taught the Highest Truth in simple terms.

It is often said, the Divine heeds to the call of a pure hearted devotee. Maharaj's Sacred physical body resting in the simple mutt of His ardent devotee, stands as an excellent epitome of the Divine acknowledging pure 'bhakthi'. It is this 'bhakthi' that shall help one across the oceans of life.

Love when it is undemanding, is pure enough to attract the highest vibrations from the core of the cosmos. This is 'vatsalya bhakthi' which knows no demands; all desires melt in this supreme bhakthi. That the devotee is left pure of mind, and asks nothing from the Guru. Only in the heart of such a pure hearted devotee, the Guru enshrines Himself.
Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan