Kanchipuram, finds its mention as one of the seven 'Mokshapuri' as per our ancient Scriptures. Markandeya Purana elaborates why Shakthi in Her form of Kamakshi chose Kanchi as Her perpetual abode.

Several texts on Akkalkot Maharaj have mentioned Swami Samartha's physical presence at Kanchipuram. It is Divine will that this sacred place be revitalized with a temple in His Name.

As per Saundarya Lahari, Sree chakra is a diagramatic projection of the energy centres in a human body. The Bindu in the innermost triangle represents the nondual Shiva-Shakti, in the form of Light.

Kanchipuram since centuries ago has been rendered sacred with the worship of Sri Chakra. The land has been made capable with the potency to activate the appropriate chakras of a yogi who steps in, as per his level of awareness.

No wonder, at this time of 'kali yug', it has been Divinely ordained to raise the 'Srichakra Dattatreya Peet' at this ancient land, which has been sanctified since aeons ago; but less known in the lapse of time.

Though Swami Samartha's physical presence has been recorded in the 'Vatta Vana' at Kanchipuram, He is said to have been in 'yoga nidra' on the banks of 'Akshaya Tirth', where stands the Srichakra Datta Peet, besides AkshayaIshvara.

These details have been gathered from Scriptures where wandering saints or contemporaries have mentioned of Swami Samartha's physical presence at Kanchipuram. In Swami Samartha Charitra itself, is a mention of a rock boulder with inscriptions, 'This land belongs to the Temple', when there arose a land dispute. Such a rock had recently been cited at the land in posession of an ardent devotee, named Manjari.

Following a dream wherein RajaRajesvari Devi asked for 'bhumi dhaan', she had been wanting to raise a temple. Years later, in 2015, she was garced with another dream where Swami Samartha asked for 'dakshina' and told of a temple to be raised. But it had not been understood by her, back then. Nevertheless, she had a small shed erected with portraits of Guru Paramapara and continued to offer regular 'puja' and annadhana.

Now that the time being ripe, the temple of Swami Samartha has been decided opposite to Vata Vana. It is not coincidence that at the same time, Sreechakra Datta Peet is also being raised parallely on the banks of Akshaya Tirtha. Blessed are the people of this day to witness the revival of an ancient land, where Swami Samartha physically received worship, in a time gone by. This shall serve as an abode of love and inspire devotees.

Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan