To share a little from what HE has given us:
Swami Samartha Samadhi Mutt
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 Swami Samartha accepts pure devotion:

Swami Samartha Maharaj, from Kadalivana went to several places in the Indian Sub Continent, blessing the earth and spiritual seekers all over.
After several years, He arrived at the sacred Pragnyapura, also known as Akkalkot.

While there, once Maharaj went to the thickets bordering the town. An ardent devotee, Cholappa went in search of Maharaj. After a long, tiresome search, when he saw Maharaj, he resolved to stay forever with HIM. Maharaj replied, "I am a Yati; the whole world is My home. I wander about unbound by directions. But you have a house and a family. Go back." Cholappa sincerely replied, "I would rather leave behind the house and people dependent on me. But I cannot leave You. I would always remain with You." Such was his devotion that Maharaj was his first priority.

As a mark of acknowledging the boundless love of a pure hearted devotee, Maharaj chose to let His sacred physical body rest there. Thus the humble dwelling of Cholappa became the Samadhi Mandir, attracting devotees from across the world. And bhakth Cholappa became Cholappa Maharaj, for his pure devotion enshrined the King of kings!

  A golden chance

The Samadhi Mandir at Akkalkot is being well taken care by the fifth generation of Cholappa Maharaj's descendants.

It is to bring to the kind attention of devotees, that the Samadhi Mandir at Akkalkot, after over a hundred years is being renovated to restore the original glory of the ancient structure. And to replace the gate closure with spacious grilled gates at the Samadhi Grha entrance, so as to enable convenient view for all devotees seated inside.

To participate in this noble task, His compassion gives us a chance 🌞 Whatever we can, let us contribute with whole hearted love and gratitude. Be it a rupee or ten, or hundred or a thousand more.

Every single coin removes one load from our karmic baggage. But let that not be the reason for giving. Let us remember, HE is the Giver of all wealth; worldly and other-worldly. Unto Him, let us give back our love. By means of money or by means of love.

This task is meant to complete itself by the forthcoming Shravana Purnima 🙏
Jai Swami Samartha! Jai Jai Swami Samartha!

Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan