Anagha Tatva of Lord Dattatreya .
Lord Dattatreya instructed the sacred Truth to Parasurama and thus liberated him. Dattatreya further instructed Parasurama to communicate the sacred lesson, to Haritayana, so that it is passed on to future generations.

In the Tripura Rahasya, Datta explains the core point of existence, that which is the highest; the supreme state of human awareness to be pure love and ananda. When the 'jivatman' merges with the 'paramatman', that which is experienced is the supreme state of human experience. This is represented as 'bindu', the nature of which is 'sarva-ananda-maiya' - Pure bliss.

The geometrical presentation of the Cosmic Truth of human existence in the form of Sri Chakra, has in its core, a single dot, called 'the bindu'. In metaphysics, they refer to this as the eternal vibration caused from 'Aum'; as Agni representing the Supreme Consciousness ~ Shiva and Shakthi.

Dattatreya externalised His yogic Light in the form of Anagha. In the avathar of Sripada Vallabha, as HE has said, He is in the form of 'yati', embodying the Ardhanarisvara Tatva. In the form of Swami Samartha, HE appears as Shiva and Shakthi; as Datta and Anagha. HE is Ardhanarisvara!

Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan