Swami Samartha Maharaj's ways:
Maharaj clearly stated that He wasn't pleased with any fanfare; or show off. He Himself revealed this, by cladding Himself in a simple piece of cloth. Just before leaving His phsyical body, He asked, "What do I have, nothing. Even this codpiece is not Mine to own. I have to discard this too, before I leave." Thus He taught the Highest Truth in simple terms.

It is often said, the Divine heeds to the call of a pure hearted devotee.

As a team, we shall strive to spread the teachings of the Guru (especially, Adi Guru Datta Parampara) and as devotees, help each other on the path of 'Bhakthi yoga'.

We shall learn together in allowing ourselves to be instrumental for His Divine Cause.
It has been recorded that the ancient hollowed land of Kanchi, (Kanchipuram), has recevied the touch of Swami Samartha's Feet. And that the land has been revealed by His many sportive plays, is the result of His boundless compassion. And the surrounding areas, which has received the touch of His Supreme Feet, are alive with His energy and Divine presence. To raise an abode for wisdom to spread Vedic Truth (Veda Patshala) is a part of His 'sankalpa'.

This Temple shall serve as an abode of love and joy, to devotees and seekers of Truth/spirituality.

The Name too, Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan, came with the blessing from from Maharaj's Samadhi at Akkalkot.

For now, we have commenced to serve the poor and needy with the supply of food grains, in and around the temple premises. This task shall extend itself to other places which are in need.
Swami Samartha Maharaj Seva Samasthan